Some WORDS of


Stop saying 'fuck' so much. Save it for

special occasions when it's really warranted. 

Soya milk is bad for you. Stop drinking it.

Wake up earlier, eat breakfast at home.

Come to terms with the fact that you will always be

1. Spending money on maintaining your hair or

2. Spending money removing it

Stop reading the Daily Mail. It's bad for your brain,

your health and society in general.


Never shave your eyebrows.

Comic Sans is never an option.

Print copies of your photos.

Know that people will come and go at different

points throughout your life.

Use your time wisely. It's the one thing you can't get back. 


Don't dwell on what was, or could be, but what is available

to you right now.

Finish all the half-finished books.

Stop recording videos at gigs. You'll never watch them back. 

Know that twenty years from now, you're going to look back

at photos and wish you had the body you've got today.

Do pilates. You're too young to be this broken.

Stop buying socks. You only have two feet.

S t r e t c h.

Learn how to poach the perfect egg.

Roast a chicken.

Attempt Beef Wellington.

Lying to hairdressers about the terrible job they did is always

a mistake.  

Your friendships will matter more as you get older.

Nurture the good ones.


Stop going on your phone before bed.

Equally, put your phone away when you're in the company

of others; they're real - prioritise them.

Cook dinner for your Mother more.

Don't worry about next week, it hasn't happened yet.

Make sure the people you love know that you appreciate them.



  distance          yourself



from the people who don't bring out the best in you.

Watch more French films. 

Don't bitch about your last job.

Ask friends how they are, twice. Just to be extra sure.

Actually go to Scotland.

Don't feel guilty every time you eat pasta.

Go to sleep with a good thought.

Continue to appreciate the finer details in life and know that

the most wonderful things cannot be bought.

Don't use the same password for everything.

Wear SPF 50. Every day. Unless you want your forehead to

look like a slatted roof when you're older.

Remember that advice is bias.