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A list of things to do 

in isolation.

Build a fort out of green beans.

Walk around your home and name all your plants (if you haven't already). What gender are they? What are their character traits? Consider what they must think of you and all they have witnessed.

Stand by your window and watch the cars pass by. Predict the most popular colour. Make a chart of all the possible colour combinations and tally them up. You could then make a chart out of this information in Excel. 

Call BT. it's a really good time waster. They won't pick up the phone. 

Now is a very good time to throw away all your old, baggy, holey and faded underwear. Now is not the time to be sentimental. Have some self-respect for your privates.

Remember prank calling numbers and hanging up? Start doing that again. It's wild and thrilling.

Use your kitchen utensils as instruments. Start a band. If you live alone you could just play with yourself. Sing a song and strum away on the Parmesan grater.

Make a collage from all your forgotten magazines. Why not use unwanted items in place of things like glitter. For example, forgotten coat buttons, nail files and wine corks.

Over-eat and spend the rest of the afternoon in a food coma.

Have a bath. Watch titanic at the same time. Submerge yourself under the water every time 'iceberg' is mentioned. Hold your breath. This is good for stamina.

Watch Inception and write a synopsis on your interpretation, then share it with me, please.

Exfoliate your back.

Plan your meals for the week ahead and design your very own restaurant menu with accompanying photos, just like on holiday.

Memorise the ingredients in your favourite shower gel. Research them all.

Use your clothes dryer to build a fort.

Cover yourself and your significant other in different condiments of your choice. Perhaps sour cream for one, and that nice French mustard mayo for the other. Now, wrestle.

Hide under your bed until someone finds you*. Remember to take snacks and water as you could be there for quite some time. Turn off your phone. It's important you don't make this easy for yourself.

* Skip this activity if you live alone

Dedicate a shrine to all the missing socks. 

Buy a jar of olives and individually squeeze out their oil into a separate bottle. Voila! You've made your very own olive oil. Now brand it.

Make a face mask. The odds are, you're hungry and ugly right now. A homemade face mask will feed your face and your tummy. Try one with mashed banana, avocado, oats and honey. A lovely treat for your tummy and your ugly.

Wash your car. Or, forge a friendship with a local child and make them wash your car instead. Pay them using the pile of accumulating coins in your top kitchen drawer.

Flip your mattress. The World Health Organisation recommends you do this every 6 months. I bet you haven't done it in over 2 years.

Tie-dye a white t-shirt. Don't pretend you've never considered it might be a fun pass-time.

Pull out all your spices collection and arrange them into height, or alphabetical order. If you really want to get creative, order them into level of spiciness.

Collect all the hair you have shed around your home (the carpet, discarded brushes) and knit your very own animal. Think about it, it's a real life authentic  Fur-by.

Watch The Godfather Parts 1 and 2. Not because they're good, but because they are incredibly time consuming and before you know it, you would've wasted an entire day away.

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