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DELFI & data

Schlumberger: SIS Global Forum 2019

'DELFI & Data'


Voice over: 2:30

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Now is the time to embrace the opportunities that digitalisation offers.


Imagine accelerating your team’s abilities, delivering revolutionary advances across your E&P business.


Seamlessly connecting people, processes, technology and data within your operations.


This is all possible in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment: an open, secure and scalable cloud-based solution for our industry.


Accelerating collaboration. Enhancing workflows. Increasing possibilities.


Transforming how we consume and gain valuable insights from data.



Using the latest technologies, including encryption at rest and in-transit, and compliant with the latest standards, security within DELFI is not just a priority, it’s non-negotiable.


A fully managed environment with 24/7 application and operations support. Accessible whenever, from wherever.


At the heart of the DELFI environment, the open source data ecosystem amplifies the ability of every discipline, in every company to experience unrivalled access to information.


Data seamlessly interpreted. Seamlessly shared. Supporting day-to-day workflows.


Harnessing and amplifying your organisation’s collective intelligence.



Built for the cloud, liberating data, engines and simulators; the DELFI environment is entirely scalable, delivering E&P software technology across exploration, development and drilling.


A collaborative environment allowing you to discover, purchase and consume new global data sources and perspectives in one single place, in the context of your operations.


And the benefits don’t end there.


From large scale seismic volumes, to real-time drilling and production data and reports – meaningful and relevant insights are presented to you, whilst always preserving the richness of data.


Innovative AI and analytics help make sense of vast quantities of data in a fraction of the time; enabling professionals to focus on finding, developing and producing oil and gas.

The freedom to innovate increases with the Developer Portal; to create, publish and share new approaches to industry challenges. 


You can also rapidly integrate your own systems and applications; leveraging the APIs and open source code provided.




Supercharged by openness; DELFI is the driving force in digitalisation across oil and gas.


Together, we are breaking down barriers; ensuring domain silos are a thing of the past.


Together, we are transforming our industry. 


DELFI is Now. Openness is our Future.

*Above is the official voice over (ironically, it's me)

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