'The Closing


Schlumberger: SIS Global Forum 2019

Voice over script: 2:40

DELFI is here.

The future is now.


In 2017 we offered DELFI, a cognitive E&P environment promising a universe of possibilities. 

Today, we deliver a universe of realities.

An opportunity to turbo-charge our businesses based on three unique openness elements:


1. Liberation

Seamless access to multiple sources of data enables the cross referencing of past and present industry

knowledge and know-how.


Decades of E&P experience and expertise are instantly available, at your fingertips.

Assimilate and enrich.



2. Connection

Total integration of your existing cloud strategy, unique intellectual property and partners.

Multi domain workflows across the entire lifecycle in one environment.

Enabling you to create and magnify your insights and actions however you choose.


Select and amplify.



3. Differentiation

Exhaustive tools to promote innovation, delivered to all team members maximising your in-house capability.

Instant, recognisable and relevant information means you create, share and consume at speed.


Generate and innovate.


Built on top of the E&P industry data platform, the scale of opportunity will continue to amaze.


The launch of ExplorePlan breaks the mould in asset identification and optimisation.

With CorporatePlan, the entire financial picture across planning and operations closes the loop.


Insights from the exploration, development and production journey provide a holistic view of the

complete planning and operations cycle.


Encouraging interaction, facilitating innovation. Enhancing revenue generation.

One environment. Zero degrees of separation. From this moment on.


The Future is Open.

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