No more Walkers

Salt & Vinegar?

News on the potato-front is that Walkers Crisps are threatening us, the British public, with the discontinuation of their iconic (and arguably most delicious) flavour; salt and vinegar.

As part of their 'Choose Me or Lose Me?' campaign, Walkers have chosen to delegate the public the unethical task of selecting which one of their six iconic flavours should be abolished from supermarket shelves and school lunch boxes forever more.

This is not news I take lightly. Go ahead, shrink my chocolate bars, replace the sugar in my beloved soft drinks with an unbeknown substance, but do not eradicate my favourite post-gym snack and most valued sandwich accompaniment.

As a side note I'd like to mention that throughout the years I have remained the most faithful of customers; choosing to turn a blind eye to the shrinking contents of Walkers crisp packets. A classic case of desiring something so much that you'll settle for it in any amount obtainable. Well, now I feel cheated. I feel cheated and I'm disappointment.

This so-called scrapping of the beloved green packet is merely a test of our patience as Brits and it's leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth. Know this; if we can handle Brexit, we've got this covered. This will not break us. This is an invitation to join forces. To Stick It to the Man. Let's take our crisp passion and use is as a force to be reckoned with. Disregard our crisps and we will disregard you. If it means riots in the streets, then so be it. If it means chaining myself to the Walker's factory doors, then that is something I am prepared to do. We must fight for the things we believe in. Crisp appreciation across the nation.


My daring Walker's; if you're reading this; don't think I don't know there's more crisps in a Tyrell's packet. And they're larger in circumference. Not to mention they're crispier and denser. And I've never opened a half-empty Pringles tub, that's for sure. You must heavily consider the predicament you have awarded the public with. I urge you to reconsider your actions.

In the meantime, I'm touring every local supermarket across the U.K and I plan on stocking up on the green packets. Not because I love them (unequivocally), but mainly because I'm entrepreneurial. They're an investment and a time capsule of British heritage; several decades from now they'll be worth something. And if not, then I've got a lifetime supply of crisps.

In considering of 'Choose Me or Lose Me?', I urge you to vote. If you have a heart and if you care for my well being; vote for green to remain.